There is no doubt: Jorge Martínez is this round’s driver at Frutillar 2018. The Joker Team member, who drives a Peugeot 208 T16, tackled this third race of the RallyMobil Championship encouraged to win over leader and team mate, Pedro Heller. He not only succeeded to do so, but also proved to be one of the most skilled drivers at the wheel through the history of this championship.

We found out on social networks, during last week, that he is expecting his first child, and he seems to be getting lucky already. So before we analyze his performance on road, we wish him and his family the very best.

Special stage 1, between Cau Cau and Ñapeco (15.4 km) was headed by Pedro Heller, followed by Jorge Martínez. The same trend continued to the second stage, Yerbas Buenas – Trompetilla (13.55 km), but at the third stage Jorge moved to R5’s first place, getting the lead over 14 seconds, enough time to stay ahead until the second day, Sunday.

In spite “Drope” Heller’s accident on stage 5, Cau Cau – Ñapeco (15.4 km), Martinez had already set a 109.2 km/h average speed and a crushing pace which would finally be impossible for the rest of the competitors to surpass, mostly for Conveyor Belt Team Alejandro Cancio and Joker Team Pedro Heller, who trailed him from ss 5 to Super Special Punta Larga – Frutillar (4.82 km).

Jorge Martínez outpaced Cancio with 41.3 seconds and this placed him at podium’s first standing. A result clearly obtained from team work, which is why we cannot leave his co-driver out of recognition: Alberto Álvarez. The dad to-be reached the trophy together with Alberto, who’s road studies and clear reading were key for the achievement.