24 hours away from a new World Rally Championship round, Emilio Fernández and Joaquín Riquelme of Susaron Rally Team are in Europe to race at the Junior category of the Neste Rally Finland, which is their fourth experience at this contest. The other races this year were Rally Sweden, Corsica Linea – Tour de Corse (France) and Vodafone Rally (Portugal).

At a competitive season, the Susaron Team continues to add up kilometers and the two Chileans will have to range across beautiful but gruelling roads. Nevertheless, there is more than enough willingness and confidence too. The “1,000 Lakes Rally” in Jyväskylä is the new trial that these young drivers must pass.

The race consists of 23 stages, which make a total of 317,26 kilometers. The roads are fast and smooth, part of a traditional Finnish terrain, filled with forests and lakes, where contenders will meet big jumps. The competition starts on Thursday night at a mixed- surface Super Special Stage with a massive attendance in Jyväskylä.

This year’s new roads are Moksi, Urria, Ässämäki y Äänekoski, which join the previous typical versions. Saturday is the harsh day with almost 143 km to go over, in almost 16 hours, through the highways south-west from the Service Park, which is placed close to Jämsa. The new Kakaristo special stage includes legendary Ouninpohja, considered one of the most popular but hardest days within WRC, for the cars spend as much time on the floor as they do in the air. To finish, the teams will move towards the East to race two classic specials: Laukaa and Ruuhimäki’s great jumps.