Chileans Pedro Heller and Emilio Fernández continue to race for the podium in Rally Turkey, where, already finished the seven first special stages, they appear in fifth and fourth positions respectively.

It was a special day for Pedro, as he won his first stage in a World Rally Championship round, which allows him to stay in the fifth position of WRC2 with 2 hours, 7 minutes and 55 seconds, while Emilio is only 3 minutes, 3 seconds and 3 thousandth of a second from Swedish Emil Bergkvist’s third place.

The Susaron Rally Team Driver is emerging as one of the stand candidates in WRC Junior category, where, until now, there are 12 competitors on the start list. The Chilean has had a sustained performance, doing his best time in stages five and six.

The competition goes on this Saturday. Special stages demand the best from the drivers, who must, anyways, keep calm so that they don’t end up retiring. Drivers themselves have been constantly saying on their social media how hard Rally Turkey has been up to now, a round that features uknown roads for ech and every crew and that obliges them to hold good strategies.

Check on this link results up to Special Stage 7.

Saturday, September 15

SS8 YEŞILBELDE 1 34.24 kms
SS9 DATÇA 1 10.7 kms
SS10 İÇMELER 1 20.37 kms
SS11 YEŞILBELDE 2 34.24 kms
SS12 DATÇA 2 10.7 kms
SS13 İÇMELER 2 20.37 kms


Congratulations and good luck!