Emilio Fernández will continue to fight for the second place in R2 at RallyMobil Championship, but he’s already thinking on his future and he knows any decision he makes will be underlying to begin a further phase. It’s the car he’ll choose to race at R5 during 2019 and at the World Rally Championship round in Concepción.

In his visit on +Motor Radio, the Chilean driver admited he feels atracted to Ford, yet he doesn’t rule out getting in a Sköda, nor any other option that may arise as convenient: “I want to drive ina car that’s competitive and next-generation.”

Chile’s ambassador in WRC knows his goal, he aims to get in an R5 and experience the adaptation process, beforehand considering how much time and kilometers are needed in order to feel the car so as to vie for great stuff.

The next round will be decisive to clasp his second place in the R2 category, since Martín Scuncio has clinched his final victory in Río Bueno – La Unión and the 2018 title by now.