We experienced a great round at Vicuña last year, through its beautiful landscapes, roads and people. We know this will be as good as it was, or even better, so we would like you to watch the official streaming by Fox Sports for all Latin America, to ease your anxiety after all these days without having a RallyMobil race to watch.

El gran ganador de esa fecha fue Cristóbal Vidaurre en la categoría R3. Hoy la competencia cuenta con la R5, serie de mayor potencia que ha revolucionado cada ciudad donde ha llegado en esta temporada, por eso es seguro que esta versión de Vicuña será única.

Cristóbal Vidaurre (R3) was that round’s great winner. Today, the competition adds the R5, a more powerful cars series which has stirred up every city it has been to during this season, so this next round will definitely be a unique one.

Remember the next round of the 2018 season will be raced in Vicuña on August 3, 4 and 5.

See you on the road!