There are many drivers who have shown their interest in participating at the WRC round, to be raced in Concepción, in 2019. Lots of rumours have been heard, but the truth is that several teams are already working on projects engaged in this coming challenge.

For example, the Monster Energy Rally Team is focused on the World Championship, actually, today they are on their second day of testings with the Citröen C3 R5, in France. The Israels have the idea of being part of the R5 category fully, and Fernanda, the younger sister of the twin brothers, competes in R2. The Rosselot Team has also confessed its interest in part of the world round, and, for all we know, it has a project too, looking forward to 2019, including such race. Other exponents like Emilio Fernández, of R2, could step up to R5, just like some other referents, like Tomás Etcheverry and Germán Lyon.

R5 is expected to convincingly grow thanks to the worldly impulsion, so we might witness a very competitive series in 2019, with a bigger number of Chilean drivers and also foreigners on the start list.

There’s plenty of interest from Argentina and Peru in racing in Chile. Actually, we spoke to iconic Ramón Ferreyros and he admited his favourite RallyMobil round is Concepción and that he would really like to be there. The organizers are also looking forward to having the start list set as soon as possible, with crews filled with anxiety, wanting to seize the 2019 title and to race along with the best European drivers on the Biobío Region roads.