This season Eduardo Kovacs has been discreet, compared to what he has been used to in previous seasons. He saw himself forced to change his pair once this year and will arrive to Vicuña with news as he introduces his new co-driver, who is the third to fulfill this task next to the Chilean driver.

He ran the two first RallyMobil Championship races (Concepción and Los Ángeles) with Argentinian Gustavo Beccaría; then, in Frutillar, his partner was Sebastián Waeger. This last one won’t be able to continue for personal reasons, therefore the team has a new member, his name is Juán Pablo Carrera. This co-driver from Córdoba is experienced and knows the championship perfectly well: He made remarkable rounds last year together with Santiago Gambetta, and they both became R3 Lite champions. He was even named Round’s Co-Driver by RallyMobil at the Los Ángeles trophy in 2017.

Eduardo Kovacs currently has 1 point at R2, he is several points adrift of leading positions, however, he has many rallies left to run and nothing is settled yet. Remember the fourth event of the year opens this Friday in the North of our country. We hope to see you there heartening your favourite squads on the road as well as in social media.

See you in Vicuña!