We’d like to congratulate a driver who did a properly planned and intelligent race at a complex round that was full of incidents: Felipe Padilla. He enters our highlights list for his merit of getting to the finish line, but mostly for clinching second place at R2.

The crew formed by Felipe Padilla and Hermann Grolmuss kept on fifth position during most of the competition, except on stages 5 (Mamalluca-Vicuña; 10 km) and 6 (El Arrayán-El Guairabo; 19.22 km), where it obtained the third place; it finished fourth at Special Stage 7 (El Guairabo – El Arrayán; 19.22 km). Calm, management and control were key factors for a successful strategy to get on the podium and add up precious points for its championship standing.

Padilla is the revelation of a really hard round that had lots of slashed tires and mechanical issues drop-outs. He and his co-driver crossed a demolishing route, where many cars were damaged, and this allowed them to become main figures of 2018 season’s toughest round.

Congratulations Felipe Padilla!