The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) ratified the World Rally Championship 2019 Calendar, after the last World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) session in Saint Petersburg. As we know, Chile was included on it for the next three seasons, and during the past days a new standard was added and it will affect our country. Between Argentina and Cerdeña there will be a four-event period in which teams will be requested to compete with the same chassis, engines and spare parts in order to cut costs.

There’s not much news coming from the WMSC for WRC’s main class. Official structures will have to participate with the same elements in rallies Argentina, Chile Portugal and Cerdeña, which correspond to the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth rounds respectively. All of these races will be run from April to June 2019. After the first event in South America teams won’t be allowed to apply modifications to the engine, chassis and spare parts.

Another change upon the major class of WRC has to do with the intermediate service period of each rally day. This service has been extended to 40 minutes, to last ten more minutes than what it used to last. According to FIA, this change has been implemented to give more time to the organization to conduct promotional activities with any of the drivers. 

Calendario oficial 2019 del WRC ratificado por la FIA

 Date; Location :
1.-  24 to 27 January Montecarlo (Monaco)
2.-  13 to 17 February Sweden
3.-  7 to 10 de March Mexico
4.-  28 to 31 March Corsica (France)
5.-  25 to 28 April Argentina
6.-  9 to 12 May Chile
7.-  May 30 to June 2 Portugal
8.-  13 to 16 June Sardinia (Italy)
9.-  1 to 4 August Finland
10.-  22 to 25 August Germany *
11.-  12 to 15 September Turkey
12.-  3 to 6 October Wales *
13.-  24 to 27 October Spain *
14.-  14 to 17 November Australia *

* Contract renewals with WRC Promoter remain pending