The Pichilemu trophy is right around the corner and as we well know, a big corwd of loyal rally fans will be there to support their favourite teams. Here’s the info about city access and other stuff so that you can make up your mind and visit the last round before the Motorshow.

The beautiful Pichilemu beach is situated 182 km from Rancagua and 126 km from San Fernando, locations to which you can arrive passing through wonderful paved routes. You can get there from Santiago driving past Melipilla in a 205 km travel, or via Rancagua and San Fernando across a 267 km distance touring. Please plan your itinerary according to these distances, if you want to stand on the available spots next to the rally road you must remember the access close two hours before the stage starts.

Chile’s surf capital has everything you need to turn this visit into an unforgettable party. The spring weather makes this place a unique entertainment centre. Pichilemu is a must-see for its surf, landscapes and tourist attractions.

Remember this is a defining race for the duos at the fight for the podium, in R5 and R3, in a competition to be held from 23 to 25 November.

See you on the road!