After various setbacks on Saturday at the 2018 RallyMobil Championship’s third round, last Sunday’s race was normally carried out. Following Pedro Heller’s special stage number 5 drop out, the eight times RallyMobil Champion Jorge Martínez’s (Peugeot 208) experience earned him Frutillar’s trophy and placed him at the top of the championship’s R5 category.

Martínez found himself on a clean track to add up points, but the Argentinian Alejandro Cancio (Skoda Fabia), who is leading Argentinian Rally Championship, also did his own, and positioned at the round’s second place, showing he is beginning to find his rythm on Chilean routes.

It was a great race for us. We were on a tough battle against Pedro Heller (Ford Fiesta) and unfortunately he had an accident. After that we got to a calming distance; we kept on going as fast as we could, obviously our minds were put on the Campionship’s points all along. The Super Special Stage was a surprise since we hadn’t been able to win that prime, so it meant to do a perfect round, staying ahead of the championship,” Jorge Martínez claimed smiling.

Excitement steeped not only the R5 category, but R3 as well. Samuel Israel snatched victory and was trailed by Ramón Ibarra, another historical champion, who kept really close to him. On third place stood Santiago Gambetta, who has a main role as he delivered an outstanding perfromance within a round the drivers considered to be the hardest of the year.

It’s the season’s most difficult rally, I think it is for all drivers. But we did a really good job together with Nicolás García, that’s why we won top to bottom, we made no mistakes and it’s thanks to talent and the trust me and my co-driver share. We showed great rhythm and we’ll seek more,” said Israel.

Meanwhile, on the R2 category, victory was clinched by prominent Susaron team member, Emilio Fernández. The world champonship experienced driver overthrew his closest opponent, Martín Suriani, by timing 1 hour, 4 minutes and six seconds at the Frutillar’s specials accumulated scoring. This decisive participation speaks well for one of the drivers competing abroad at the Junior WRC.

“Joaquín and I are very happy to have finally managed to win, wee needed it. On the first round we wore out our car and couldn’t finish. It looks like we won both days, so we’ll add up lots of points for the chmpionship. Our technique was to set off with lots of energy, heading to win over the opponents. This is the most complex round of the season and you need to rely on the road book. We’ll get to Vicuña with a lot of confidence to continue to race for the championship,” Emilio assured.

RallyMobil’s next round will take place on August, 3rd to 5th at Vicuña, Fourth Region, where the scene and weather changes for the crews competing for the honor of being the country’s main motorsport’s champion.