Withdrawal has not been an ongoing pattern during the first day of this RallyMobil Championship’s fourth round, nevertheless Francisco “Chaleco” López couldn’t start at the special day number 2, between El Arrayán and El Guairabo (19.24 kms), since his Peugeot 208 ran into electrical issues.

Ramón Ibarra was troubled too, his Renault also had electrical problems last night at the night Special Stage, and so he had to get through his own means to the road section, which meant, according to the official RallyMobil regulations, that he was penalised three minutes.

Jorge Martínez and Luis Ignacio Rosselot slashed a tire at the second special stage, but went back into competition after changing it on road. Any relevant info will be updated at the RallyMobil official website and on social media.