To protect the safety of the road attending public and competing crews, the RallyMobil’s organization decided to suspend Special Stage 11, one of 3.98 km drawn between Ñapeco and Cau Cau.

According to the organization’s safety crew, the in-car cameras and the racing crews reports, today’s (Sunday) 12:07 pm scheduled stage was cancelled.

Specifically, the main reason responds to the inappropriate positions that the crowd adopted at the sides of the road, at 1 and 5 Special Stages, which shared stage 11’s route. in spite the uncountable safety measures previously imposed by the orginizer’s safety crews. The reports pointed that RallyMobil decided it was necessary to remove the stage in order to prioritize safety.

Was taken together (the decision) with the Steward as he received the information given by the Clerck of the Course. Checking the images we have about the issues that happened is enough to see that, where people really did not respect the safety signs, they absolutely surpassed the measures we provided and we believe we cannot start such prime again tomorrow under that condition, specially considering the way back, Ñapeco-Cau Cau, is even faster,” stated Kurt Horta, Clerck of the Course and roads coordinator of the RallyMobil’s Frutillar trophy.