With at least 8 retirements, amongst them 3 leading crews, ended the beautiful but gruelling stages contested this Saturday at RallyMobil Championship’s third round, Frutillar. Jorge Martínez and Ramón Ibarra are happily positioned.

Several retirements and road incidents happened yesterday (Saturday) at Frutillar, finished by a suspended special stage due to a lack of daylight, so that all the duos could get equal conditions and to keep the competition’s safety.

Some of the most important incidents starred the championship’s leaders, who were challenged by long and fast sections at Frutillar’s sorroundings. In sports terms, one of them was the R5 heading Pedro Heller (Ford Fiesta), who began a difficult Saturday morning as his car went through a failure of power assist systems situation. During the second stage, Spanish Luis Martínez loudly rolled over on his Suzuki SX4 while he tried to saty ahead of his series, having to withdraw.

After Heller retiring on round’s day 1, his R5 leadership was threatened by Jorge Martínez (Peugeot 208), promising an exciting second day, while the Joker RT team member could not participate of the round’s culmination.

The RallyMobil multiple champion Martínez claimed to be ¨Very satisfied and happy to be winning the race, we were having a really nice fight along with Pedro, unfortunately, he had an accident, and we made no mistakes, we were going pretty fast and now stand at a good distance from Alejandro Cancio. So we are preparing for tomorrow’s competition. It was a tough and complicated round, since you go very fast and on lots of leaps that are super dangerous, nevertheless we were able to overcome every obstacle without any problem.

Saturday’s mishaps seemed to redefine the R3 leaderboard as well. Heading Emilio Rosselot also suffered a water pump failure caused dropout on his Citroën DS3, missing precious points at Frutillar.

Another damaged leader was Bejamín Israel (Citroën DS3), who rolled over at special stage 5. This event’s mainly benefited was R3’s second place, historical champion Ramón Ibarra (Renault Clio), who got ready to fight for the category’s leadership.

Otro que arriesga su liderazgo es Felipe Padilla (Opel Adam) en la categoría R2 Light. El penquista sufrió problemas mecánicos que significaron su abandono. Su escolta más cercano, Nicolás Pérez (Peugeot 208) también debió abandonar, por lo que las oportunidades se abren para Pedro Devaud (Peugeot 208), quien logró terminar en condiciones competitivas la difícil jornada sabatina.

Felipe Padilla’s (Opel Adam) R2 Lite championship standing was endangered too. The driver from Concepción had to deal with mechanical problems which meant his dropout. His closest trailer, Nicolás Pérez (Peugeot 208) also abandoned, therefore chances turned positive for Pedro Devaud (Peugeot 208), who succeeded to finish the rough day in competitive conditions .

Sunday was expected to be a rainy day, of slippery grounds, and to have careful crews after Saturday’s numerous issues.


Provisional RallyMobil Frutillar GP 2018 Results, Saturday 22


1° Jorge Martínez-Alberto Álvarez (Peugeot Sport Chile/Copec by Joker), 1:02’37”1

2° Alejandro Cancio-Santiago García (CBTech Rally by Skoda), 01:03’08´´3

3° Alberto Heller-José Diaz (Monster-Citroën-Procircuit), 01:03´16´´7



1° Samuel Israel-Nicolás García (Monster-Citroën-Procircuit), 01:07´15´´6

2° Vicente Israel-Matías Ramos (Monster-Citroën-Procircuit), 01:08´42´´4

3° Santiago Gambetta-Luis Gatica (Motorola-Gob San Juan-DMF), 01:09´15



1° Emilio Fernández-Joaquín Riquelme (Carnes Susaron), 01:08´35´´3

2° Martín Scuncio-Javiera Román (Point Cola), 01:09´30´´2

3° Martín Suriani-Zacarías García (Point Cola), 01:09´39´´9