The Rosselot Team driver is heading to the North with higher ambitions after his practice in his UTV, fully recovered, which provides him with tools to aspire to the cutting edge places since Friday, at the penultimate round of Baja Atacama Championship, whose core is the northern city of Copiapó.

Gerardo Rosselot travels tomorrow, really positive about facing the high sights he’s set on the Baja Atacama Rally XV edition, opening on Thursday to be disputed in five rounds, to conclude on Monday 15. Major aims came up for Gerardo after the practices that were carried out in Ritoque, where the UTV showed a significant technical potential, and so he expects to embed himself within the battle, seeking leading positions.

In relation to the UTV repair, a safety cage reinforcement was pointed out, it was completely fixed too, so a very competitive car is available, which will allow the driver to be at the fight for the top.

“I’ll drive along with the best drivers in Chile of the UTV class, since Rodrigo “Mamoro” Moreno will be there, a competitor of great capacity and experience, as well as Jaime Prohens, who took a big step forward in his new UTC Polaris. Something similar happened with Ignacio Casale, who, in Atacama Rally, demonstrated a large technical breakthrough. It must be stressed that the three of them are experienced drivers, who have participated in Dakar. I’ll face them and other excelled drivers who are on this contest’s entry list,” Rosselot declared.

About the last practice in Ritoque and about testings, he said he had gone through a long and thorough training, doing several probes on the suspension reactions, brakes and other elements, like the engine, which delivered its maximum response.

Regarding the competition of the coming days he expressed: “It’s very demanding with five rounds on uneven floors and on sand dune areas, which is characteristic of Atacama, which is why we worked a lot, testing in Ritoque, where there are similar terrains to the ones we find on this competition.”