The unprecedented fact that Chile is now part of the World Rally Championship Calendar has prompted several drivers who have been away, for various reasons, from the road or from RallyMobil itself, to consider new projects, to face Concepción´s world round ahead. Germán Lyon is a name we could see on the Start List in Pichilemu and at the Motorshow.

Germán Lyon acknowledges this is just an intention for now: “I really want to race at the World Championship and I should get back out there in order to do that. I had put my car away and also my mood.”

After the Chilean driver stepped away for a while and put his Citröen DS3 on sale, to fulfill his labour responsibilities and his family life commitments, time has passed and he could resume his career as a driver. When temporarily retiring, he said: “Well, I love sports, even more when it’s about motors, but what I’ll miss the most is to compete. Adrenaline too, and what it means to go in a race car on a gravel road. To feel that loss of control, but being in control, is what I’ll miss.”

It seems like rally will be back in Lyon’s life; we might get the chance to have one more experienced driver on our board.