Chilean driver Germán Lyon confirms his comeback in RallyMobil Championship. He’ll do it at the Pichilemu trophy together with Argentinian co-driver Ignacio Uez. For now, he will be racing in such round, the Motorshow and the two first rounds of next season, which means he’ll be at the World Rally Championship round in Concepción.

The crew is already on Pichilemu’s entry list, in R3, in a Citröen DS3. Lyon himself had been keeping it and managed to get it set up to compete again. He’s practiced in his competition car for the sventh round of the season and he’s satisfied with it: “The car is running perfectly.”

Lyon´s plans include Pichilemu, the Motorshow and the two first rounds of season 2019, but he doesn’t discard adding up more rallies, nevertheless, it all depends on the budget and sponsoring he can get during these months. In addition to this, he’s already committed to the coming season of the Cayman GT4 Challenge.

“I want to live the experience of the world championship, even if it’s in R3,” Lyon assured. He has shown himself quite motivated with Chile’s inclusion to the World Rally Championship calendar.

About the settlement of the R5 championship, Lyon points out: “The Championship is exciting now, I’ve bee getting into it a lot lately and I think it will be settled on the last round. About the candidates for each category, I think Alberto is very quick and also, with what he’s doing at the world championship, he could achieve something big. Yet, I would never rule out Jorge Martínez, an old fox who has plenty of experience and that’s precisely what could go against Pedro and Alberto.”

Besides, he reveals his preference for Samuel Israel in R3, claiming that he is a good driver. “To seize the 2018 title would be a very nice award for him,” Germán concludes.

Remember Pichilemu begins on Friday 23, a fundamental race for the title candidates.

See you on the road!