Besides RallyMobil Championship’s final settlement, brother Pedro and Alberto Heller shall face a new chellenge at the World Rally Championship between 15 and 18 November, at Kennards Hire Rally Australia. This race is the last of the 2018 season and the podiums will be defined there for every category. For the Chileans, the mission is to deliver a good participation and gain more experience for 2019.

In addition to thinking about planning their future, the Heller Brothers are focused in RallyMobil too, where they both are well positioned in score and competition development. Pedro leads the R5 standings with 110 points; Jorge Martínez, his team mate, follows with 96 points and Alberto Heller stands third with 92.

Pichilemu and the Motorshow are the two last encounters of the year and the three drivers know the next round is key since it’s the last chance to add up points for the total score. If the trend continues, the Joker Rally Team will seize the podium, nevertheless, rally has taught us that nothing’s set until the finish line’s crossed.