Pedro Heller, Benjamín Israel and Emilio Rosselot are major figures in each of their categories at RallyMobil Championship 2018, but, like the rest of the competitors, they are also exposed to accidents or  mechanical failures on every scheduled stage.

The eldest Heller, Pedro, went through a tough crash at the fifth special stage of the Frutillar Trophy. In the meanwhile, Emilio Rosselot broke his Citröen’s water pump belt and the car’s temperature ended up spoiling the engine during the first stage. And Benjamín Israel had to race for the R3 category, since his R5 spare parts could not get to Chile on time. We are only two weeks aways from the next round. “Will they get to Vicuña?”, is the question we ask ourselves.

“The car is not ready yet, nevertheless every task is on time within the planned time. I’ve got an awesome team and everyone is helping to get to Vicuña at our best,” declared Pedro Heller.

Benjamín Israel showed himself very sure about having the replacements on time in Chile: “If everything comes out as we’re expecting, we should get to Vicuña. We are hoping not to have any delays,” said the ProCircuit driver.

Rosselot’s setback was really serious and the car didn’t start anymore, so the team had no choice but to buy a new engine to be able to compete again.

Right now mechanics are working hard on the cars so that thay can race on the fourth round of RallyMobil Championship, where key points for each category’s overall will be disputed.