Luis Martínez practiced in the Opel Adam he bought from Felipe Padilla some weeks ago, to prepare its possible launching in Pichilemu, but, before, he’ll compete next to his co-driver Juán Manuel Sanhueza at Rally Biobío.

The Spaniard made several kilometers in Valparaíso Region together with co-driver Juán Cruz Varela, since Juán Manuel, his usual partner, couldn’t be there because he was busy with his job. “Juanma wouldn’t stop texting me to ask how the car was doing hahaha.”

“It’s now time to work with a Spanish engineer, to have a reliable car for the year to come and find sponsoring to close a budget that allows us to compete throughout the whole year,” Luis assured.

He also stressed the fact that he’s working along with an experienced mechanic, Sergio Vera, who has worked on this car before with Eduardo Kovacs and Felipe Padilla, which is why his wide contribution to this process will be crucial. “He’s been really good to me, he’s a brutal mechanic and he’s kept the car in perfect shape.”

Luis Martínez plans a 2019 year filled with challenges in a new category, where he might possibly make up his own team, although joining an already existing squad is an option too.