Brothers Ramón and Cristóbal Ibarra of the Renault Team are going out to fight for a place on the podium at RallyMobil Championship’s sixth round, to take place in Río Bueno, Los Ríos Region, on 19, 20, 21 of this month, 38 km to the north of Osorno.
Creating expectations with his position, Ramón has placed himself on the R3 Championship Standings with 78 points, behind Samuel Israel, who has 80 points, and Emilio Rosselot, who has 95. A tight third place, trailed by Vicente Israel with 77 points, at one of the closest battles of the last years in the series.
Both days will be raced on amazing roads, which shall be in optimal conditions if the weather remains stable as it’s been for the last couple of days throughout the region. The Shakedown is on Friday and sets everything up for the 164.26 kilometers the 44 duos on the entry list will have to overcome, at the sixth round of RallyMobil Championship.