The driver from Viña del Mar is starting at full speed at the last round of RallyMobil Championship, to seize the round and the title at the Super Prime, this Saturday at the 2.6 kilometer race track in Carén Lagoon.  

The Rosselot Team driver, who has been an R3 candidate for the title all year long, wants the Super Prime contest crown, where he stands on second place, with the same score as Samuel Israel and just a cut below Vicente Israel.

This is why, together with his brother Tadeo Rosselot, he’s been training during the days prior to the race in his Citröen DS R3. While Tadeo drove the Renault Clio R3, they both spent time working with the technical team, staffed by Keeving Veas, Juán Saavedra and Gabriel Castro, in Quilpué. About the work fulfilled there, he said: “We were testing suspension aspects and a turbo that didn’t meet the expectations. Our practice was focused on testing different aspects upon 30 kilometers, until the second gear’s sprocket failed, so we had to stop the practice.”

Despite trouble, was the practice beneficial?

“Yes, because we tested the car’s performance and found that it’s at a high level. We’ll continue to work on the testing and experimenting to keep fighting within the R3 top group.”

Is your goal to win the Super Prime R3 championship title?

“That’s what I intend to do at this competition, so I’ll be striking from the very start. We’ve prepared for this and I think I can make it on Saturday.”

What was Tadeo’s task?

He tested the car after several parts of it were fixed, such as the racks, damaged when he ran off the road in Pichilemu. He’s satisfied with his practice and wants to deliver an outstanding performance. Our wish is to get us three in the Rosselot Team, together with Luis Ignacio’s Mitsubishi, on the podium. It would be a nice scene to finish the year with.”

Is there a category change for 2019?

“Several topics about next season have been discussed in the team, however, nothing’s definite yet. All we have are conversations, nothing clear.”

See you at the Motroshow!