The first intersectoral committee for the 2019 WRC round in Chile was set up this week in Concepción. The road will go along 320 km and the Opening Ceremony will take place at Plaza de la Independencia (the city’s main square); this and other topics were reviewed by Sports Ministerial Secretariat Juán Pablo Spoerer, RallyMobil Executive Producer Juán Francisco Carrasco and RallyMobil Clerk of the Course Kurt Horta. 

Biobío Region is now experiencing preparations for the World RallyChampionship round since, on the days prior to the Motorshow, part of RallyMobil’s organization staff are at the South of Chile hammering out the details for the first of three world rounds that Chile has on the official WRC Calendar.

At the meeting, main topics were road safety, emergency management, logistic development, economy dynamism and contribution to tourism during the round’s development. Spoerer stressed that: “Since this is a world gathering, Intendant Jorge Ulloa asked us to lead this first committee, out of which we came out with happy results; it’s very important to work in advance so that the event not only works out okay, but also so that the community is safe. We want to highlight the significance of this first service coordination meeting, which represents the first instance where, as public services, we were able to come together upon unity, in order to then act as a cohesive team.”  

Regarding sports details already settled, Carrasco said to the local press: “Sections are almost done, they should make up about 232 kilometers, which would start on Thursday, May 9, with the Shakedown, at 11:00 AM in San Pedro de la Paz. It’s the cars’ final test before the competition, at a race pace; an activity which brings together a large crowd, very appealing for the fan.”

“The Opening Ceremony is set for the afternoon. It was first thought to be done at Parque Bicentenario, but we finally decided to take it to Plaza de la Independencia to have an activity very similar to what we do in RallyMobil, lauded by WRC representatives. They don’t carry out such a show like we do, with so many people, so we want to repeat what we did this year, probably having an even bigger crowd and previous activities such as autograph signing by the drivers,” said the executive producer, handing out a key piece of information for those interested in attending the race and all of its special moments.