The pilot of the Monster – Citroën – Procircuit team presented the colors of its Citroën DS3 R5 and advanced its prognostic about the R5.

He looked happy Benjamin Israel. Reasons were not lacking because after several weeks of meetings and trainings he was able to present the vehicle with which he will debut in the R5 category.

With a smile more than obvious, he did not stop talking about the qualities of his car to whomever he was approached to talk about his DS3 R5: “Impossible to say that I didn´t like the car: the benefits are impressive. The truth is that the first time I got in I was scared because it is very powerful, it does everything better than an R3 and the truth is that it is a dream to be driving it, so I am too happy, very motivated and eager for the Candidate Event in Concepcion to arrive, “said the Monster – Citroën – Procircuit. team driver.

El Citroën DS3 R5 con que Benjamín Israel estará compitiendo este año.

The Citroën DS3 R5 with Benjamin Israel will be competing this year.

-In the summer you had trainings in Spain, did they help you when you got into your car?
-Of course they did. In Spain it was the first time that I had the feeling of having a full-wheel drive car, which helped me a lot, since I was there with Xavi Pons (recognized pilot and instructor of rally drivers) and he explained to me a bit the step by step of the integral traction and he was very useful for when I got my car here and when I had the first approach, so it was very positive. Now we need to discover the limits of the car, which is achieved after many kilometers.

-Days back, Jorge Martinez told Rally Mobil that the big challenge of the R5 binomials will be to take the real potential out of the R5. Do you agree with him?
-Absolutely. That is going to be the challenge. The first races are going to be very different from the last ones, close to the end of the championship we are going to be faster than now so we have to go step by step, we have to avoid hitting the car and we have to add on race to race. We are focused on that, our goal is to finish all races and depending on that we will see if we are on higher level or not, because the focus is the championship and we will fight for it but if it does not happen now, the important thing will be to add on because next year it will be the objective without question.



-There are pilots who already have experience in driving 4 × 4 vehicles and therefore, who do you think will be the pilots to beat this year?
-Yes, there are several who already have experience and there are two that really are what I think should be pulling the car and will be the drivers to beat: Pedro Heller and Alejandro Cancio, without leaving out ‘Jorgito’ (Jorge Martínez) from whom I was watching some training videos and the truth is that he looks quite comfortable.