Vicuña will be the 2018 RallyMobil Championship’s fourth round headquarter during August 3, 4 and 5. We shall have a race quite different from the already accomplished at the south of Chile this year. To start with the warm-up, we talked to the city’s mayor, Rafael Vera, who feels proud and happy to host the country’s most important motorsport event for third time in a row.

How important is for Vicuña to have RallyMobil in its city?

“It is truly important for all of us, since it sets us at our country’s best communities’ level. Having here a first-level event such as RallyMobil is a great chance for our people to see one of the most amazing shows for free, this is priceless. Besides, it gives us the opportunity to exhibit one of the most beautiful communities in our country through Fox Sports and TVN. We are definitely thankful about motorport laying eyes on us.”

How does RallyMobil’s presence impacts Vicuña during those days?

“It’s a chance to welcome a lot of people at a time during which otherwise Vicuña wouldn’t be so busy. We will make the most of winter vacations now and create instances such as street markets, among others, to stregthen the great number of tourists. When you get here, after vacations, it’s an opportunity for business big, medium and small owners who are benefited by all the people who come here for the race. During last week I met farmers and made the decision to build a small farmers’ market opened specially for those who attend the rally, where people can see organic products, created by locals.”

At the end, the mayor invited Vicuña neighbours to behave within the circumstances’ standards. “I’m certain the Vicuña inhabitants know safety is the most important thing, and, like previous years, they will act properly. It would diminish our own situation if attendees put their lives in danger unnecessarily.”