Javi Román has turned herself into the first woman to attain a title in RallyMobil. She has become history, together with Martín Scuncio in R2. When only two rounds are left before the season ends, she already celebrates her first championship.

Río Bueno – La Unión wasn’t easy for the charismatic co-driver, who had to struggle to overthrow constant trouble rising throughout the road and then at the Service Park. They were not sure about being able to qualify for a restart; actually, Román and her mechanics staff, plus some Scuncio Family members, looked worried while they checked the car on Saturday afternoon. If they couldn’t have fixed it, they would have had to wait for another round to win the championship.

Sunday was almost as hard as the first day; the risk of dropping out was still there. The round began with issues and uncertainty lingered on til the end. But the title was close, they had to finish by any means, especially knowing that Emilio Fernández was out of the race.

Javiera not only made it into RallyMobil’s history, but she also showed her job as a co-driver in a round where impasses took over and however managed to work through them. Besides, she has also supported Martín Scuncio on every round and done a good pace notes reading, all of which has taken this duo to be the first to celebrate a title in the 2018 season.

Congratulations Javi!