Joker Rally Team is at the North of Chile with the aim of adding up precious points and moving further away from their nearest rivals at the main series. Jorge Martínez, Felipe Rossi and the Heller brothers, Pedro and Alberto, are counting on their cars which are in top form for the fourth round.

With the fourth RallyMobil Championship round upon them, the Joker Team polishes the last details to accelerate at the strict inner roads of Coquimbo Region. The championship’s biggest squad strives towards ratifying its position to seize the title over R5.

In fact, Jorge Martínez and co-driver Alberto Álvarez make up the best positioned crew to arrive at the North. The binational couple clinched an outright victory at the third round, in Frutillar, becoming leader with 68 points overall. Although it is confident of repeating its good Valle del Elqui performance, it displays prudence in view of Vicuña’s complexity. “Besides from having very hard roads, there’s an important issue: altitude. We usually race at sea level, but it’s different in Vicuña, which has a negative effect upon engines,” the leader said.

For his part, international Pedro Heller will try to enhance what he did in Frutillar, where he had some mechanical trouble along with co-driver Pablo Olmos during the weekend. “We want to remain in the dispute for the championship. We know Vicuña becomes a long race for its floor kind and the difficulties you might find along the stages,” the Ford Fiesta R5 driver pointed out, while he stands with 56 points on the board.

Meanwhile, Aberto Heller and José “Pepe” Díaz will try to redo the podium attained at the South. The duo in the car number 3 added up 15 points in Frutillar and seeks advanced positions in the R5. “We will go get the race, but keeping concentration at every moment. I think all of the binomials are aware of this round being one of the season’s toughest, so we must not go crazy,” noted Heller.

To finish, Felipe Rossi and co-driver Luis Allende will be out adding up kilometers and experience in their all-wheel drive Ford Fiesta. They got 10 points at the South, which gives them confidence to cope with the fourth round. “Even though we haven’t had a great kickoff, the last stunt gave us the balance we were looking for ever since the first round in Concepción. Now we’ll go focused on still adding up important points and taking care of  the car to finish the Vicuña trophy uneventfully,” the driver behind the wheel in car number 4 stated.