The Joker Team is close to achieve its goal, set at the beginning of the season, and this weekend could be a decisive one for the championship definition. The Pichilemu trophy hosts an R5 with an absolute leadership of the Joker Team on the championchip standings, headed by Pedro Heller and Pablo Olmos (110 points),  followed by Jorge Martínez and Alberto Álvarez (96) and Alberto Heller with José Díaz (92).

Leaders could secure the R5 title if they add up all of the available points (29) and if their trailers do bad at this penultimate round. “We´ll do our best, as it’s been like throughout the year. We’ll reach the target if we remain focused on our own stuff. If it’s not now, it’ll have to be at the last round,” argued Pedro Heller, driver of a Ford Fiesta R5.

For their part, Alberto Heller and José Díaz, flaming laureates of Rally Australia in WRC 2, arrive with their confidence to the fullest after their historical performance, which became the first Chilean triumph in a World Rally Championship class.

“We are very optimistic about what we might fulfill in Pichilemu. We’ve been showing an amelioration at the last races, which touched its crest with the performance in Australia. We had had a very good second leg in Río Bueno – La Unión, and this we want to maintain during the whole weekend. We know we must now got out there with everything we’ve got since the championship allows no speculations,” said the competitor co-drived by José “Pepe” Díaz, winner also of the sixth RallyMobil round.

The ongoing weekend could have the first R5 champion. Pichilemu will be a party and the Joker Team wants to be at the headboard. Action begins today at 8:00 PM at Arturo Prat Main Square, were the Opening Ceremony will develop. The 13 special stages of a 150.88 kilometer race will be run on Saturday and Sunday.