We had a new chapter of +Motor Radio on Thursday, on RallyMobil’s Facebook Fanpage. It was a one-hour conversation with drivers Jorge Martínez (R5) and Samuel Israel (R3), who answered all kinds of questions, with a view upon the next version of the Motroshow, a race that defines who the cahmpion will be in both categories.

It’s going to be a special date for these main figures of RallyMobil Championship, different from the rest, because of both the scoring system and the race track, which leads them away from what their used to do on the road. Even the fact that there is going to be a huge crowd watching their performance makes a big difference too, according to what Jorge Martínez confessed, when he told us that the presence of such a great number of fans adds some more pressure to the moment when the race starts.

Besides discussing the season, they also gave an advance announcement of their projects for next season, a year that brings the World Rally Championship to Chile for the first time.

Watch the full episode here https://www.facebook.com/RallyMobilChile/videos/362333114528212/