Motroshow is a scoring round that has been run since 2009 in RallyMobil Championship. Unlike the other races, this one takes place at a double circuit and provides only 10 points (in a traditional round the maximum achievable number is 29).

Over the years, the Night Superprimes turned more and more into a kind of show. In 2009, to celebrate RallyMobil’s tenth anniversary, the first Motroshow was organized, in Parque Motor Laguna Carén (Carén Lagoon Motor Park). More than 15 thousand people attended the event in West Santiago, to enjoy its several new features: Javier “Astroboy” Villegas thrilled the audience with his stunts on his bike, while Finn Juha Kankkunen, four times world rally champion, was the great guest. In 2010 the same show went on and the main star was his compatriot Marcus Grönholm, two-time world champion. He and Kristian Sohlberg were the main attraction in Carén back then.

An even more significant step was to be taken, so RallyMobil got closer to Downtown Santiago. First, in 2008, an Opening Ceremony was carried out at La Moneda (seat of the President of the Republic of Chile), but something bigger was still to be done. The Motorshow entered the Capital and took over the government palace in 2011. Norwegian Petter Solberg, together with Kankkunen and Sohlberg were this party’s guests, which brought together about 40 thousand people on a long day. Titles were settled, the best of the nations’ trophy competed and motor sport fans has tons of fun.

In 2012, the Motorshow delivered, besides many surprises, a special ingredient with the definition of two categories on tarmac, in front of La Moneda. December 8 became a date to remember, it also showcased freestyle by Villegas Brothers, supermotard and the national trophy definition, for a season ending that today is a must-see among rally lovers and a tradition that has earned its own place in the motorsport world throughout the years.

In 2013 the organization decided to go back to the natural amphitheatre of the country’s motorsport disciplines. The place hosted again the show for thousands of fans who could delight in Astroboy’s and Marco “Chino” González’s stunts, motocross by the best national exponents and, of course, the world class R3 heart-stopping definition, which had Jorge Martínez Fontena as a winner as he gained his sixth crown in RallyMobil.

2011 and 2012 editions were run in Alameda Avenue, in front of La Moneda Palace. In 2013 and 2014 the Motroshow returned to Laguna Carén and in 2015 an applauded competition was raced in San Cristóbal Hill. Then, it went back to Carén, and in 2017 the race took place in Chacabuco Slope..

Besides the rally competition, some versions had motocross races and free style exhibitions. This year, in addition to all the fun, a sporting definition will be disputed in the most important categories of the championship, R3 and R5.

See you in Carén!