Doubts regarding the long-awaited XX RallyMobil edition begin to be removed. The country’s most important motorsport competition will open its season 2019, expected to be an historic season, in the city of Los Ángeles, Biobío Region. Rally fans have chosen it for the history it has in RallyMobil and due to its proximity to Concepción, where the World Rally Championship’s sixth round will take place. So the coming race shall be a strategic one, it will serve as the anteroom to the world race, to be held from May 9 to 12.

The Opening Ceremony of Los Ángeles is set for Friday, April 5. The special stages will be raced on Saturday and on Sunday, at an area which is nearby the one where the Copec Rally Chile Concepción 2019 crews will compete, in parallel with RallyMobil’s second round.

While awaiting the Championship’s start, Los Ángeles, which holds a great deal of rally tradition, is getting ready for having the honour of opening the most expected season ever in our Championship’s history. “We are happy to welcome RallyMobil once again. When we first started a few years ago, we said that the idea was to have the competition in Los Ángeles permanently, and this has actually occurred, specially thanks to the thousands of fans who have turned this round in one of the most popular rallies in Chile. We hope this can also be a step towards next year, to have the chance to host some of the world round’s stages and see our local drivers competing in their own land,” said the city’s mayor, Esteban Krause.

This will also be the chance for RallyMobil lovers to get to know team changes, such as multi-champion Jorge Martínez’s switch to Skoda CBTech Rally Team, and also the increase in the number of competitors in the main national category, R5. Plus, there’s the arrival in Chile of the Peruvian Squad, among which stands Kurt Zoeger, Alfredo Neuhaus, Eduardo Castro and awarded driver and singer Mario Hart.