The Rosselot Team driver wants to add up important points at the Pichilemu trophy, an unprecedented round in his personal files. The eldest of the competing brothers wants to reach as high as he can in the R5 championship standings, so he’s going out there to win. Also, he’s getting ready for a new challenge in his truck Mitsubishi L200 and will participate at the last round of the Baja Atacama Cross Country tournament in Vicuña.

Luis Ignacio Rosselot has gone through an intensive preparation, mostly at the garage, to move forward in his Mitsubishi Mirage at the Pichilemu trophy, the seventh round of the 2018 season, to be disputed on November 24 and 25.

The competitor from Viña del Mar will be very busy since after his Pichilemu performance he’ll be heading to his last one in Rally Baja Atacama, which will take place on the roads near Vicuña, and he expects to seize the crown of the highest class.

He has done a double task, a couple of days ago, giving priority to the Mitsubishi Mirage R5. About the work done he said: “We worked where we used to go before each race, mainly on suspension aspects, brakes, and getting everything ready for the rally.”

Anything done on the electronics?

“We did a very special job with the data given by the electronics, to check the car’s reactions on the graphic on the computer. We were able to see important details such as the engine’s reactions, braking, and a lot more that will help me improve my driving. It really was a valuable experience that provided a precious background for further progress.”

Will there be any other training? 

“No. We’ll focus on watching videos and checking on the pace notes taken by my brother Emilio, to dispose of information when we make our own pace notes together with my co-driver Marcelo (Brizio). I haven’t intervened in this rally. This is how I want to get ready so as to keep this handicap I’m giving to my opponents to a minimum. 

What are your goals for Pichilemu?

“To strive to get as many points as I can, since I want to reach an outstanding position on the drivers standings. I need to outpace Benjamín Israel, we have identical scores, close the gap against Cristóbal Vidaurre, who is ahead of me by three points, and try to catch Francisco “Chaleco” López. No doubt I’ll have to do my best at all times to nail this, and drive to the limit, which implies some trouble in case we make a mistake. I hope this won’t happen.”

And your participation in Vicuña?

“My wish is to do as well as possible and that an important number of competitors attend my class so that we can lighten up a nice race to enjoy the participation.”

What kinds of roads or floors do you expect to find?

“I don’t have any information about the type of floor I’ll face. I’ve raced near by and all I know is they will be quite hard. There’s no doubt that driving on the roads will help, since I’ll get there prepared after my participation in Pichilemu. We’ll see what sort of layout we’ll find together with Álvaro León, who will be my co-driver in this competition.”