The Rosselot Team driver is very satisfied with his practices before the race in Curicó, and he will meet Swede engineere Tomas Weng, who brings important innovations for the Mitsubishi Mirage, in the middle of the week. The driver from Viña del Mar hopes to improve his performance in this new RallyMobil Championship round.

His practice at a rural site in Valparaíso were quite positive, so he could restore his confidence after a low performance in Vicuña. “Our work has been positive for we’ve moved forward, as we’ve repaired the car suspension, so we can appreciate progress and therefore have regained optimism to carry on,” the experienced national driver said.

How did you see this?

“The main thing is that we improved our time at the stages where we are used to practice, which sets a parameter for us, to see whether or not we’ve improved. It was an intense and demanding practice, what matters is that it yielded positive results and the car’s current behaviour gives me more confidence than what it used to.”

Will there be any more trainings?

“We’ve scheduled a new one for this Wednesday with engineer Tomas Weng, who brings important innovations to enhance the Mirage.”


When will your co-driver arrive?

“I talked to Marcelo Brizio and asked him to be here on Tuesday, because I want him to join me at the practice this Wednesday and so we get to know the car’s progress with which we’ll face the Curicó trophy.”

What do you expect from this rally?

“To keep coming along and that the improvements that Tomas Weng brings allows us to move forward with the Mirage. We will continue to work in order to get to the top places with the car. It’s a hard task, I’m not going to back down.”