Luis Martínez worked out an economic agreement with Felipe Padilla to buy his Opel Adam R2, to reach this class next year. He claims he must finish this season in his Suzuki N3 and win one of the remaining rounds. Regarding Padilla, he has already decided to leave RallyMobil to devote himself entirely to virtual reality.

We talked to the Spaniard to get to know a little more about this transaction and he assured us that this deal comes at a perfect time in his carreer, since right now he was analysing his future and he looks forward to next year and his debut at a new category. For one, he will continue to race in N3, but he could eventually try the Opel Adam at the Motorshow.

“In Río Bueno – La Unión we’ll keep the Suzuki. The idea is to finish the year in this car, even knowing all the trouble it gave us. We are aware about the damages coming from the punishment we put it through, because it’s an old car and it’s not up for handling the pace Juanma (Juán Manuel Sanhueza, co-driver) and I keep,” the Spaniard driver says.

He wants to win a round at N3 and he’ll focuse on it during the next races. Meanwhile, we’ll have to wait until the Motorshow or maybe 2019 to see the Martínez-Sanhueza pair in the Opel Adam.