Martín Scuncio together with Javiera Román make up the winner duo of what’s been the 2018 RallyMobil Championship up to now and it seems they won’t stop until they reach their target of seizing the title at the end of the season. Car 65 has taken three out of four rounds, so they are the main candidates at R2.

The Point Cola Racing Team has gained prominence during this RallyMobil year thanks to both of its crews’ good performances: Martín Suriani – Zacarpias García and Martín Scuncio – Javiera Román). It has stood out mostly for the results Scuncio’s car has attained, while he recently triumphed in Vicuña on harsh roads.

His first victory of the season was the candidate event that took place in Concepción, to then be awarded with the trophy of Los Ángeles. The story changed in Frutillar, since Emilio Fernández was the one who claimed the round, but it wasn’t long before Scuncio got back to his leadership as he overtook every obstacle offered by the Valle del Elqui roads.

Scuncio made a time of 01:45:56.7 in Vicuña with an average speed of 87.8 km/h, imposing himself upon the rest and specially upon the hostile conditions, which left the highest number of affected ones thus far this year. Next comes the Curicó trophy, a new opportunity to keep picking up points.