The Río Bueno – La Unión round came out to be an historic one: Javiera Román has put her name on the list of natonal rally’s greatest figures, by being the first champion woman in RallyMobil’s history. She and driver Martín Scuncio comprise the first couple to seize the trophy -in R2 category- following a brilliant season at which they have added up 89 points along six raced calendar dates. Such number is impossible for their closest trailer to match, since the gap consists of 39 points to be contested.

The Point Cola crew, currently champion in R2, overflowed with happiness after the Super Special Stage between Río Bueno and Ralicura, which closed a stunning 2018 RallyMobil Championship sixth round. The job done by the Scuncio-Román duo was consistent and overwhelming nearly all season long. They gained victory in almost every round and became a a team impossible to measure up with.

“Yesterday was a tough day, we abandoned three times on the same day! We were really bummed out, but things began to come out well today, we owned a big difference, we’ve made a big effort during the whole championship and today we can claim to be the champions peacefully. I’m the first woman to be champion in Chile and this means a lot to me. I don’t have any words to express my happiness, my thankfulness, and the pride and all that I feel,” said Javiera Román.

Martín Scuncio, Drivers Champion in R2, stated: “Last night Javiera helped me while I was feeling under pressure and today we cme out to do what we do on every race, to get there and drive, without thinking too much, only us, and things worked out. It’s che who deserves the credit. I think we, as a team, saw something about her that nobody else sees and gave her the chance to prove herself and there’s nothing better than to be the champion. She has demonstrated she’s a great co-driver and also a great friend and that’s much appreciated.”

Suspense is Alive in R5

Alberto Heller triumphed in R5, in his Ford Fiesta, at a thrilling race. With a spectacular perfromance on Sunday, he surpassed his brother Pedro (Ford Fiesta), while strong Argentinian Alejandro Cancio (Skoda Fabia), finished third.

It began all wrong on Sunday for the multi champion Jorge Martínez (Peugeot 208). He made a mistake at special stage 9, between San Javier and Rapaco, damaging his car’s radiator, which stopped him from getting back on the race. Alberto helped his brother to keep ahead of the R5 category, with 100 points, but Martínez remains on second place with the 86 points that he obtained winning on Saturday, so the fight is still open. Alberto Heller is third, closer, with 80 points; 39 are left to be disputed.

Israels’ R3 

Cousins Vicente and Samuel got the first and second positions respectively in their Citröen DS3. Third came the always fast Ramón Ibarra (Renault Clio). On the standingboard Samuel Israel is first with 106 points, followed by Vicente Israel, with 84 points; Ramón Ibarra follows with 78 points: a group which shall deliver an exciting closure.

The R3 Winner, Vicente Israel said: “The truth is it was a tough rally. We did a lot of thinking, we knew when to speed up, and when not to. The car was flawless after the rollover, we had to bring a new engine, the mechanics had to work for a month to put it in perfect conditions, they did it, and well, having such a machine, the only thing left was to drive well and to do a good job together with Nicolás. We made it, and we were clear about the target, which was to take points away from Emilio.”