He was one of the pilots who took the longest to seal his arrival on the R5, but at the same time, one of the most requested in social networks to do so. It is Jorge Martínez, the most winning driver of the RallyMobil and who hopes that the days pass by quickly to debut in Concepción with his new car.

“The day before he made the announcement (March 19th). There we closed the last agreement, which is valid for the entire year. ” The word of the pilot Jorge Martinez does not do more than confirm how complicated it was for him to reach the R5 category, a series he arrives as he says, thanks to Peugeot and Copec.

“The summer was about a lot of work in order to be in the R5. There were companies that believed in the proposal and embarked with us. I have to thank people who worked with us, so that we could be in R5 and they did it selflessly because it was not easy. I had the conviction that we were working well, but that did not guarantee that we could be on the R5, “said the driver who also said he was anxious for the arrival of March the 20th and give the ‘go’ to the 2018 season.


-In social networks there were many messages supporting you and making you feel their appreciation about you, even in a website they created a hashtag to encourage you while you were in the process of adding auspices. What would you say to those who were always supporting you?
-It is a tremendous satisfaction. All these years we have built a tremendous and mutual relationship with the fans. They know that being in the car that is always give my best and that they make you feel that they want to see you passing through is very flattering. I can only thank them, I am extremely grateful and I hope not to disappoint you with beautiful passings for you to enjoy.

-You’ve already trained the car, in fact you had a test in the south this weekend, what feeling does it leave you?
-It’s an amazing car. It is a spectacular sensation thanks to the benefits it has. Although I had already tried it two or three years ago, it is not the same as getting on today, because one thing is the test and another is training. It is a thoroughbred and feels powerful, with brakes that were born to run. It does everything right and for that reason, not only me but all the pilots that we are in the R5 have the task of getting the most out of these cars. It is clear that we will not achieve it in the first year because they are extremely good so it will be a learning season.


-You were a champion of the N4, does the driving feel very different from the R5?
-I feel it like an improved N4. I think it’s the perfect fusion between an R3 and an N4 because it has the running style of an N4 with the technology, box, brakes and suspension of the R3. Having already ran in 4 × 4 serves me because I do not start from scratch because for example, the curves and skidding is very different what the theory says compared to the practice.

There are nine pilots who already have R5 vehicles: the same Martinez; Francisco ‘Chaleco’ López; Benjamin Israel; Alberto Heller; Felipe Rossi; Pedro Heller; Alejandro Cancio; Cristóbal Vidaurre and Luis Ignacio Rosselot. “I am super sincere: I do not know where I am comparing the other pilots, but I do know that I will go out and fight for the championship. I have no doubt that at the end of the year we will all be very even and I think that in the first part of the year the rivals to beat are Pedro Heller and Alejandro Cancio “, said ‘El niño Maravilla’.

-With regard to Cancio, do you think that he and Vidaurre will be affected by his absence on the first race in his fight for the title of the Rally Mobil this year?
-Of course that will affect them, but if that might condition or not a result I do not know. Now we can believe that it might, but in a few months whoever is the leader leaves 3 races and everything is even. But certainly, those of us who are on the first race will have an advantage over them.


Regarding his new colors, Martinez made it clear that he is still part of the Joker team, no matter how much his car suits Peugeot and Copec. “I continue being Joker in every sense, we will travel together, we continue to work together even on important matters such as maintenance in the workshop. The only thing that will change is that I will not pass by with them in the protocol start, but in the service park we will be next to them, together but not mixed up and me in my Peugeot. “