People in Pichilemu are looking forward to the arrival of RallyMobil Championship, for both the social impact that favours greater integration of its community and the activity itself, which turns the coming weekend into a true sports party, at one of Chile’s main beaches.

Pichilemu is known as the “Surf Capital” and this makes it a special place, with a unique atmosphere, in the social and sports fields. Several aspects come together under these conditions, such as a healthy life style, team work and sports as a focal point.

We talked to the deputy mayor, Dante Cornejo, and he admited how important an event of such magnitude is for the Pichilemu community: “It puts Pichilemu in the national and international public eye. It has a positive impact on tourism. People knowing RallyMobil is held in the city allows the tourist’s interest in coming to grow.”

In addition to this, Cornejo outlines the importance this kinds of activities have in the rural areas of the province, since people came to the road in the past rounds (2016 and 2017): “It’s great news because they wait for the race having a barbecue or a picnic before each section to see the cars pass by. It’s lots of fun and they feel they are part of the competition.”

As usual, the round opens with the Shakedown, to take place in San Antonio de Petrel (4.8 kms) at 2:30 PM this Friday, November 20. Then comes the Opening Ceremony, a family event, at Arturo Prat Main Square at 8:00 PM.

See you there!