Only nine days are left before the race of Río Bueno – La Unión, so we wanted to talk to both of the mayors of the locations that will host the sixth round of RallyMobil Championship. Luis Reyes (Río Bueno) and Aldo Piuner (La Unión) were happy to be part of this competition’s history, so popular and significant for Chile’s motorsport.

“The arrival of RallyMobil at Río Bueno and at Los Ríos Region is, no doubt, a great chance in sports and tourism matters, because it breaks with the stationary atmosphere, plus it gives value to our commune and province of Ranco,” Luis Reyes assured.

He also highlighted the impact on local commerce economy, since it will “be positively and strongly benefited from the possibility of giving space for attention to more than 800 people during ten days; besides, it means a big chance for the empowerment of 30 exhibitors, in addition to the experience provided to mechanics students from Liceo Tecnico Profesional (technical school)  during the development of the event. This is certainly a chance appraise Río Bueno as the agronomic capital: Río Bueno, kindness and amity amde city.”

Aldo Piuner, the other host Mayor, also had positive words for an event they look forward to: “This is an important event for the commune, as it opens a really precious window that heightens the attractions we offer. At the same time, it brings life to our location, stimulating the economy. We hope this RallyMobil round positions us as a motorsports main location and we can foster, from there, the organizer communes as well as the whole province.”

The Río Bueno – La Unión trophy will feature 14 Special Stages and the Opening Ceremony taking place in Condell Square, Río Bueno, while the Service Park will be placed on kilometer 2.5 of Route 170, in La Unión.

See you on the road!