Here’s all you need to know about roads and Service Park locations at Frutillar. The Service Park will be opened to the public and is where the cars are fixed before the race and between special stages. It is where you also get to share with your favourite drivers and have a RallyMobil close experience.

The Service Park will be placed at the ex railroad station.

If you want to come to the road to support the duets, check with the map and find the special stages that the cars will go through on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget to follow every safety measure arranged by the organization so we shall really celebrate this sports party together wih the competing teams.

About the schedule, the Shakedown will take place at Punta Larga, Frutillar, at 2:30 p.m., going down 4.82 kilometers. The Opening Ceremony is set on that same day at 7:30 p.m. next to Teatro del Lago.

Until June 17, 30 binomials had signed up, but four of them will only be accepted after a skills test and a co-driver’s experience accreditation. This test is fulfilled during the Shakedown and intends to keep the competitors’ safety and assure their right performance.