Samuel Israel and his cousin Vicente concluded the fourth round of RallyMobil Championship on the podium with the first two positions at R3 respectively, in the Vicuña trophy, while Benjamín Israel evolved into the fourth place at R5.

Most of this victory was accomplished thanks to the mastery they carried out during the first day, which meant that on Sunday they only needed to manage their timings properly. Samuel had a thorough race and was consistent, he overpassed his closest rivals by far, just like in Frutillar.

The second day turned out to be an interesting and intense fight for the cousins. For Emilio Rosselot too, as he wanted to catch up after losing time over a slashed tire; he striked at every time, although always curbed by Samuel and Vicente, until the last stage, where “Chamuco” made a big mistake by twisting a tire rim. This is why he prefered to slow down, after driving a damaged car (he cut a couple of engine mount bolts) all day long.

Vicente kept going and obtained the second place with a good conductive execution and as a result of the good work done at his partnership with Matías Ramos. In the end, he broke down a rough patch of many drop outs and tasks that couldn’t be completed successfully.

Benjamín had not practiced before, since his car had not been ready and he had only done the Concepción race, so his work with his co-driver Marcelo Der Ohanesian became crucial.

Congratulations Monster Procircuit Rally Team!