The last +Motor Radio streaming was aired from Teatro del Lago hosting some of this RallyMobil round’s main actors, drivers who confesed their wishes about the next race they are about to cope with. Pedro Heller, Jorge Martínez, Martín Scuncio, Samuel Israel, Emilio Rosselot, Martín Suriani, Facundo Opawsky and the local driver Jorge Gotschlich, a new figure at this rally,  came to the show.

Each of them looked nervous and willing at the same time, mostly eager to race. This afternoon the cars will go through a 4.82 km Shakedown between Punta Larga and Frutillar, an instance that opens this rally event once more.

We’ve had a very good year, and Pedro Heller being at a world challenge is a boost for us all. It invites us to strive harder to do our best; even though we haven’t spent much time on the R5 yet, we’ve given it all we’ve got til now”, stated Martínez.

The prominent WRC consultant Joao Passos was also part of the radio panel. He has come to Chile to advice the RallyMobil producers, who dream about hosting a World Rally Championship on the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. For the portuguese rally expert, working side by side with the RallyMobil developers is a pleasure, on a challenge that will highly benefit the national tourism on the area.