Cristóbal Ibarra is currently placed on the fifth place of the R3 drivers’ standings with 29 points. He won Frutillar’s second day and trusts in his Renault Clio Turbo, he believes he will get the upper hand in it in Vicuña. We spoke to him to get his temper before racing a new round and how he assesses his 2018 performance so far.

What do you think about your last three performances in the 2018 season?

“My evaluation of the last three rounds is not a good one, yet the most important thing is we are in the fight for the championship, I believe we’ve improved. I began in the Renault Clio Turbo this year, so we’ve had to adapt to a hard to drive car, but we’ve grown into it. We won the second day in Frutillar and that gave me, together with my co-driver Sebastián Vera and the whole team, a huge amount of joy.”

How do you think the race at Vicuña will turn out?

“Vicuña is a rare case and I think for myself it’s the season’s hardest. You’ve got to go out to win, but with certain concern, since the tires and the car itself may get wronged if you spin out on the road. There are lots of stones next to the road and it’s gonna be hot, that’s why we must make good tire choices. We’ll be cautious overall so we don’t unnecessarily put the car under risk.”

What are your thoughts on having a night Super Special?

“It’s going to be a pretty fun night Special, it’s on tarmac and has a good visibility. I think it’s a stage where you can go as fast as you can and I know the Renault Clio Turbo can do very well on this surface. It’s a good chance to overtake my opponents.”

Together with his brother Ramón they make up the Renault Team and they both want a place on the podium at the end of the year. We’ll see how things turn out for the Ibarra Brothers and whether they manage to claim leadership over one of the most competitive categories of the 2018 RallyMobil Championship.

See you on the road!