Javiera Román is the only woman in RallyMobil Championship and she is in charge of reading notes for Martín Scuncio, driver at R2. We have invited her this time to talk to us and she has immediately accepted the challenge, showing her sympathy with us, as always. Let’s take a look at her answers!

Best RallyMobil driver?

Martín Scuncio. My driver!

Best RallyMobil co-driver?

Javi Román jajaja, I’m kidding. Rubén García, for his professionalism and his career path. 

The toughest race in your life…

Frutillar 2017 was the hardest race to me, it was a big blow to us. 

Your RallyMobil best experience…

When Martín Scuncio and I won the Concepción Trophy, I wept with emotion.

Who would you like to be in your team?

I’d like to have the hamburgers’ food truck in my team. Jajaja, I’m I being too piggish?

RallyMobil’s most unpleasant one…

The most unpleasant people are those who stand at a wrong place near the road! The rest of them I ignore. 

Unfulfilled dream at RallyMobil…

Being our category’s champions.

Besides yours, best team in competition?

Joker Team, good examples, excellent competitors, nice people, good structure. 

What is your weakness when competing?

I am too sensitive, I feel bad for stupid little things… What a whiner.

Your strength?

My passion in competing is my strength, and the dedication I put into this rally.

A RallyMobil memory you would like to erase?

When I accidentally broke Hermann Grollmus’ trophy at the Concepción stage jajaja!!! I haven’t fixed it yet!! I feel really embarrassed!! (I’m still apologizing ) 

RallyMobil’s nicest one?

The nicest one… Zero car driver Maca del Sante!

Who would you never have as a co-driver?

Never say never… But I wouldn’t have Tirso”The demented” jajaja. Do I need to explain such nickname?

Which driver would you like to have in your team?

I’d like having Jorgito Martínez in my team, he’s a crack.