R2Lite leader, the driver from Pucón, is sure about not having other team’s financial support and of not being able, again, to train during the days running up to a 2018 season’s race. The road is full of challenge, but he is not afraid of facing them with effort and heart. For now, his target is to improve his times and raise his sports profile.

How are you and Diego Cárdenas preparing for Vicuña?

“The truth is we haven’t trained at all this year, besides, the car’s paint was being repaired, so it’s complicated. We’ve also had some engine parts difficulties and the spare parts from France won’t be delivered until next Friday. We are a small team and we participate in this RallyMobil Championship by dint of much effort and sacrifice, we cannot get ready each time before a race, neither can we fix the car’s configuration. We outdo ourselves at the very competition to become more experienced with the Peugeot.”

What do you forecast for the rest of the 2018 season?

“We need to boost our presence in the championship during the next rounds, so we endeavor to get closer to the R2 times. We will make an effort to go out and fight against the leaders from Vicuña on, so we can appear more. Another thing that worries us is that we haven’t put any new tires on the car this season, we have only managed to get them with other drivers that once competed at the R2, and that’s how we’ve been able to fulfill every race.”

The car 63 crew expects to shine with its own lights all along what is left of the season and will try to get its own place in the championship despite the obstacles.

See you on the road!