Pedro Heller and Emilio Fernández are already in Turkey to become part of a new round of the World Rally Championship, between September 13 and 16, in the region of Marmaris. Rally Turkey is back on the WRC calendar after an eight-year absence and our ambassadors will be there to make a good impression once again at the global rally scene.

Both RallyMobil drivers will race in their respective categories, Heller in WRC2 and Fernández in WRC Juinor, where he shall gain experience and kilometers, at a race distinguished by its landscapes. It will all be new at this round, since it’s the first time the competition takes place in this area of the European country.

“Drope” recounted on Monday, on his social media, the first hours lived in Turkey:

“After a long break we rejoin WRC, this time it’s Turkey. It was a long 27 hour journey until we arrived to Marmaris, a coastal city in Mugla Province, a little more than 700 km to the south of Istanbul. Then, some running to loosen up the body and then to bed to try to recover from the 6 hour jetlag.”

“Today, at 8:00 am, we began the race week with the Monday Test, 30 km from Marmaris. It was almost 8 hours of intense testing to get to a set-up which, more than prioritizing the performance, seeks to minimize the puncture and stress risks for the tires. After the first laps, all of the engineers’ faces gave us an initial indication of the toughness of this race, we marked two slashed tires plus another driver’s five more.”

“Recalling F1, this race will take place not only on track but also on pits, being very emphatic about tires strategy an set-up change for a floor that will get damaged with each passing car. It will certainly be a challenge, to find good balance between speed and endurance, on a floor that will fully determine the tires’and brakes’ durability, and therefore race results. Now back in the hotel, some gym routine and getting ready for tomorrow, our first Recce day (road reconaissance).”

Pedro Heller will have to face 14 rivals in his category, while Emilio will need to overpass 12 if he wants to win the round. Both of them are doing different tests right now and working out a few last details in their competition cars, under a burning heat and actually, temperature will be one of the elements to consider throughout the preliminary stage, since the tire wear will be greater. There’s an important challenge for the teams to undergo when choosing the ideal compounds to manage the race in the best possible way.

The Service Park will be placed in Asparan, just a few kilometers from Marmaris, and it features easy access to several special stages. Power Stage starts in the city of Içmeler and finishes in the Service Park, a perfect sport to attend the action and victory celebrations. Regarding sections, many of them are raced by the sea, which will make of Rally Turkey a perfect scene for TV transmissions and for the road public to enjoy.

We hope it’s a great round for our drivers! Good luck!