Electricity’s here and it seems there’s no turning back. Sébastien Ogier talked about this and other stuff in an interview with French magazine Le Figaro. Besides from talking about the new phase he begins in Citröen and remembering what season 2018 has been like for him, Ogier has looked further beyond and he poses several changes for WRC.

Sébastien commends the equality the World Rally Championship has achieved with the new policy and specially during 2018, with three teams and three drivers fully involved in the battle until the last minute. Nevertheless, the French star thinks some decisions should be taken quickly and take a turn as soon as possible, as it’s been already done in other disciplines, referring to the arrival of electric energy at WRC.

“It is not easy to set up but there are solutions and today this is the best way to attract new manufacturers while meeting the needs of our current society,” Ogier himself assures. Besides, the driver who has already joined Citröen also proposes rally configuration changes, since, according to his personal vision, three days of competition are too many, suggesting shorter and more intense rallies.

“We have had a great season but the discipline must evolve,” he told France’s Le Figaro. “It could be necessary to compact the current format. Three days is too long to successfully maintain public attention. It would [be better] to have two intense days with at least 300 km to preserve a notion of endurance. ” adds the ex M-Sport driver. About Loeb’s possible future come-back, the French driver assures it would be great news for the championship.