Success in any discipline demands working on every aspect of it. Several elements participate on a rally performance and its preparation before a round, such as a good driving practice, to accomplish a thorough notes writing and a complete mechanical development as well.

But, since this activity requires not only technique but also physical effort, such kind of training is vital. We already saw Pedro Helller suffering at Frutillar, when his R5 Ford Fiesta had trouble with the electrical power steering assist on the second stage and had to drive through 12 kilometers in it. This condition could have meant an accident or immediate retirement if the eldest Heller would have not been in good physical shape. Actually, when we talked to him at the Service Park, he admited both of his forearms being in strong pain and that he could stand it thanks to the machines workout he had been doing at the gym.

Our drivers train week to week at the gym or practice a parallel sports discipline like biking or running. So this is a RallyMobil’s competitors essential requirement to seek the best results, since we have witnessed throughout several backgrounds how good physical shape has allowed drivers to fully display their abilities on the road.