Rosselot Team driver, following his notable performance in Curicó, is heading south with the aspiration to climb steps in his Mitsubishi Mirage R5 and get auspicious results, like the ones achieved at the last round.

Luis Ignacio Rosselot, together with his co-driver Marcelo Brizio, obtained an enormous encouragement from his distinguished place on the podium, which is why he travels to the South while he is willing to continue to grow in Río Bueno – La Unión Trophy.

The Viña del Mar native has worked hard during this season on the technical development of his Mitsubishi Mirage R5, managing to improve at a training which yielded its first fruits and plenty of joy, when stepping up to the podium in Curicó.

When referring to the new challenge, this weekend’s rally, he noted that “the purpose is to keep progressing, ascend in the technical development and search the most efficient driving manner, all of which is accomplished upon the whole team’s ongoing work.”

At peace with the last practice?

“We did a good job in Orrego Bajo area, in Valparaíso Region, which is one of the places where we tested the cars’ innovations. We went across more than 40 kilometers trying out several novelties for which we were settled, because the difficult path of constant work and care takes us along that of progress.”

Targets for Río Bueno?

“To keep growing, closing the gap with the leading team. We took an important step in Curicó since the difference fell to 1.4 seconds per kilometer. Our purpose for Río Bueno – La Unión will be to reduce it to 1 second per kilometer. Like that we’ll get big chances to get closer to the first positions.”

Any chances to step up the podium again?

“The aim is to try to win, but there are several elements that come together in reaching success. We’ll now try to carry out a constant work, no mistakes, so we expect and hope to achieve a result that makes us as happy as we were in Curicó.”

What kinds of roads will you run into?

“The weather forecasts predict rain for this weekend, so the question comes up about whether or not the roads will withstand vehicles passing through on both days, even though in this area they’re prepared to absorb more water so it shouldn’t be a major problem.”

Does the rain suit you?

“It’s complicated for everyone. It becomes some sort of lottery. Experience might help, but sometimes it can turno out like it did in Los Ángeles. In that rally the pace notes were taken at a dry floor and then the race was run under the rain. We’ll have to take into account many factors that will come up at this rally.”