Patricio Muñoz confirms he’ll stay in RallyMobil Championship’s R2 during 2019 and that he’ll seek the title in his Peugeot 208, which is in great condition and has enough spare parts to compete.

On +Motor Radio the Chilean driver assured he’d rather play his cards right in his category instead of going up to R3, since he even has a spare gearbox. In addition to this, he’s had a sustained growth and will keep up such pace. The current Eme Racing driver pointed out: “Mi idea is to win the category in 2019 and I must try not to abandon and go to every round thinking on how to manage each race in the right way.”

The Motorshow’s actual champion also told us that he’ll join a team, something we expected after he made public his Eme Racing truck and tent selling a couple of months ago. “I’ll be in a team, but I cant tell a thing yet,” the driver whose co-driver is Miguel Recalt, declared.